Who are Tritiki?

Tritiki is a brand that aims:

  • To be an ethically responsible company
  • To be a positive influence on people and the planet
  • To be the choice for quality tea

We want to create unique, refreshing and flavoursome blends of Tea sourced from around the world. We love the idea of experiencing all types of different cultures which is why we're set on creating our new blends around different parts of the world.

To get more of a feel of what we are all about, check out our Instagram page!


Tell me more about the Tritiki team.

The Tritiki team in it's conception year as a part of the Young Enterprise competition, was comprised of 7 undergraduate students from the University of East Anglia.

As the competition came to an end, Junnel Andre decided to continue Tritiki's growth along with Phillipa Abrafi. Later on, we decided to bring Evie Kakkava and Rea Payot on board to help us develop further.

Currently, Tritiki's team is made up these four individuals.

Tritiki's Management Team:

  • Junnel Andre - Chief Tea Person
  • Evie Kakkava - Chief MarkeTEAing Person
  • Rea Payot - Chief of Sales Person
  • Phillipa Abrafi - Admin Officer Person

What are the team's favourite teas?

Junnel Andre - Powerful is my favourite tea for two reasons. I love how I can switch between drinking coffee and Powerful and still have that same feeling of alertness throughout the day. I also love the colour Green, as for me it symbolises a sense of something growing ...


Evie Kakkava - Definitely the Freedom blend. The soothing chamomile flavours mixed with a spoonful of Greek honey takes me back to my childhood years. Except in our Freedom blend, the added lavender and elderflower make it ten times better! And thankfully, if you are someone like me who has trouble sleeping and relaxing after a long day, the Valerian ingredient will work its magic every time.


Rea Payot My favourite Tritiki tea would have to be the Strawberry and Kiwi flavour due to the fruity aroma that lingers all through the house as I leave my tea to brew. It's the perfect hot beverage to have on a rainy day especially when topped with honey for an even sweeter experience.

Phillipa Abrafi - The Vitality blend being my favourite contains Nettle which helps to stimulate the lymph system, to boost my immunity. Also this beautiful blend contains Pineapple and Coconut which gives Vitality its subtle unique taste. So, your go to tea if are you’re just a tiny bit concerned about your well being like me, is definitely Vitality. 

I'm a cafe/business, can we buy teas from you?

We have previously been approached by Cafe's and businesses who wanted to stock our tea. The short answer is yes, at a very competitive price. To find out more about our wholesale operation please get in contact with us via e-mail at:

Your movement and visions seem exciting. How can I get involved?

Tritiki is a growing business and so of course we're looking for people who are interested in our beliefs and what we are trying to achieve, if you think you would like to be part of our enthusiastic team, please get in contact with us at: