Our Tri-TEA-ki Story...

Tritiki was initially founded through the Young Enterprise competition where we were able to make it through to the Young Enterprise UK Finals. 

Throughout the successful first year of Tritiki’s existence, we were able to quickly distinguish a gap within our current industry.

We aimed to fill this gap, realising that the number of beverage companies that were producing unique blends of tea whilst simultaneously driving the business with an ethical mindset and cultural awareness were minimal. 

In everything that we do, we take pride in our goal of fulfilling our dreams and visions of influencing a more ethically responsible society.

With this in mind, our team is fully prepared and strives to revolutionise and innovate a very mature industry.

This year, as a group of driven, energetic, young students, we are thrilled to enter a new phase of our journey as we continue to produce and expand our range of unique blends of tea that our customers truly love.

We believe that our customised blends will create a new experience of tea drinking not only for tea lovers, but for those who are not yet convinced of the true enjoyment that this beverage can bring.

Tritiki wants to actively be part of making a positive change in the world little by little, through advocating our tea philosophy of ethical standards and promoting a healthier lifestyle, and a more accepting, loving, united culture.

Above all, in order to achieve this, we need your love and support. So join us through this exciting, new journey towards growth and help us make a difference in the world!
- The Tritiki Team